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Deseret G&T Cooperative
home page www.deseretgt.com

Bridger Valley Electric Association, Inc.
home page www.bvea.net

Dixie Escalante Rural Electric Association rate schedules.
home page http://www.dixiepower.com/rural-association.htm
Please contact DEREA directly for rate schedules.

Empire Electric Association, Inc
home page www.empireelectric.org
rate schedules www.empireelectric.org/rates.html

Flowell Electric Association, Inc.
Contact Through Dixie Power http://www.dixiepower.com/rural-association.htm
Please contact Flowel Electric directly for rate schedules.

Garkane Energy
home page www.garkaneenergy.com
rate schedules www.garkaneenergy.com/rateindex.htm

Moon Lake Electric Association, Inc.
home page www.moonlakeelectric.com
rate schedules www.mleainc.com/rates.html

Mt. Wheeler Power, Inc.
home page www.mwpower.net
Please contact Mt. Wheeler Power directly for rate schedules.

Raft River REC, Inc.
home page www.rrelectric.com/
Please contact Raft River REC directly for rate schedules.

South Utah Valley Electric Service District
home page www.sesdofutah.com
Please contact South Utah Valley Electic Service District directly for rate schedules.

Wells REC
web site http://wrec.coop/default.php
rate schedules http://wrec.coop/info/rates.php