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  • 211: Allows an individual who is in need of community services to contact the Community Information and Referral Center. The Community Referral Center is set up to offer aid to people in need of medical, shelter, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, etc. Their purpose is bringing people and community services together.

  • 411: Is a call to an operator to find a specific phone number of a residence or business. The person or location typically must be listed in the printed telephone book, although in some areas it is possible to be listed in the directory assistance database, and not in the printed book. Directory assistance cannot provide unlisted numbers or cellular telephone numbers. A fee is charged for this service.

  • 511: Is a National Advanced Traveler Weather and Road Condition Information Center. Dialing 511 provided easier access to weather and road conditions anywhere in the United States, including Utah, on a real time basis. Travelers anywhere in the United States can access real-time traffic and transit information and other types of location-based travel assistance via telephone.

  • 711: Is for individuals with hearing and speech disabilities. This service allows these individuals to "stay connected" so that they may participate fully in the economic and social mainstream of American life. Moreover, this service enables individuals with disabilities to take advantage of the broad range of telecommunications services available today.

  • 811: Is the national abbreviated dialing code to be used by state One Call Notification Centers for providing advanced notice of excavation activities to underground facility operators. A One Call Notification Center is a communications system established by operators of underground facilities and/or state governments in order to provide a means for excavators and the general public to notify facilities operators in advance of their intent to engage in excavation activities. In Utah, the One Call Notification Center is Blue Stakes of Utah