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Company Forms and Annual Reports

The forms are in Microsoft Word 2003, Excel 2003, or PDF format and can be downloaded. You then can enter your data. You must file an electronic copy of the report by APRIL 15.
Please e-mail a copy to the Division at dpudatarequest@utah.gov.

Note: In Internet Explorer, you may have to right-click and then select "save-target-as".

Utility Company Information Update Request Forms

Click the link below to take you the utility heading.

Energy and Natural Gas

Gross Revenue Fee Reports

Annual Reports

Telecoms ( ILEC's and CLEC's )

Interconnected VoIP Providers 30-day Notice

CPCN Application / Check List for Telecom Companies

Utah Lifeline Discount Reimbursement

UUSF Surcharge Form

Gross Revenue Reports for ALL ILEC's and CLEC's

Annual Reports for ALL ILEC's and CLEC's

Water and Wastewater

Water & Wastewater Annual Reports

Water and Wastewater Gross Revenue Fee Reports

CPCN and Exemption Applications for Water and Wastewater Companies


Gross Revenue Fee Reports

Annual Reports