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Contact the Utah Division of Public Utilities (DPU)

DPU Complaint Disclaimer

The Division receives and investigates consumer complaints concerning utility companies regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Click here to see a list of utility companies regulated by the PSC.

In order to assist you, DPU staff may contact your utility and other individuals, businesses or agencies to obtain and/or exchange information about your particular issue. Please be advised that information submitted to the DPU is subject to the open records law.

The DPU can help you resolve disputes with utilities regarding electric, natural gas, water service and very limited aspects of local telephone service. You must first try to resolve your dispute directly with the utility before contacting the DPU for assistance. If you are unsuccessful in resolving your concern directly with the utility, you may contact the DPU.

Steps to Resolving a Problem

If a problem develops between you and your utility company, follow these steps:

Contact your utility

First contact a utility customer representative. Calmly state the problem and what action you would like the utility to take. If this person cannot help you, ask to talk to a supervisor. Repeat the complaint. The utility will try to answer your questions and solve your problem. The utility should investigate your complaint promptly and report the results of the investigation to you.

If necessary, contact the DPU

If you are not satisfied with the utility’s response, contact the Utah Division of Public Utilities (DPU):

  • By Phone: Reach a DPU staff member between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM,
    Monday through Friday by calling 1-(800) 874-0904 or (801) 530-7622.

  • By Letter: You may send a letter to:

  • Utah Division of Public Utilities
    P.O. Box 146751
    Salt Lake City, UT 84414-6751

  • File a Complaint Online: Click Here to file a complaint online.

DPU staff members oversee local telephone companies, natural gas, electric, and water utilities to ensure they are in compliance with Public Service Commission (PSC) rules in their dealings with customers.

A DPU staff member will request information relating to your problem, collect any necessary records, investigate the problem, and contact the utility to reach a solution that is reasonable and acceptable to both parties. While your problem is under investigation by the DPU and the utility; staff members may keep your service from being disconnected, if appropriate. You are required to pay on time all charges that are not in dispute. The staff member will request that a utility representative contact you to discuss your concerns promptly, usually within five business days (but some responses can take up to thirty days).

Be polite

You will get better results if you avoid the temptation to take out your frustration on the person who may be able to help you. Remember, the person handling your complaint did not cause your problem, but may be able to provide a solution.

Keep good records

Keep all copies of documents that support your complaint. If these documents are requested send copies, not originals. After filing your complaint, keep all records of correspondence between you and your utility, including dates, times, and the names of those you talked with.

Additional Customer Services

The PSC regulates Utah's local telephone companies, electric, natural gas, and water utilities. Click here to see a list of utility companies regulated by the PSC.

However, the PSC DOES NOT regulate municipalities, cable television, contractual issues, the internet, fuel oil, propane, or gasoline. If you have complaints about areas that the PSC does not regulate, the following agencies may be of assistance:

For Wireless Phone, Broadband Service and VOIP, Cable and Satellite, Slamming and Cramming:

Federal Communications Commission:

1-(888) 225-5322
To file a complaint with the FCC, Click Here
Web for: Federal Communications Commission

National DO NOT CALL Registry:

1-(888) 382-1222
Web for: National DO NOT CALL Registry


Web for: HEAT / HELP Programs
Web for: American Red Cross / Utah Chapter
Web for: Catholic Community Services
Web for: 2-1-1 Human Services Directory

Formal Complaint

Formal complaints are the last resort in the complaint process. The PSC will not permit a customer to file a formal complaint unless it seems unlikely that a settlement can be reached through the informal complaint process.

Questions concerning formal complaints should be directed to Gary Widerburg at the Public Service Commission, telephone (801) 530-6713.