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Service Performance Indicator Definitions

The Performance Indicator Definitions (PIDs) provide an objective method to judge Qwest's ability to provide wholesale services. The goal is to provide services to CLECs in a manner that is either substantially the same as the level of service offered by Qwest's retail operations, or that provides CLECs with a meaningful opportunity to compete. PID Version 8.1 (November 30,2004)

271 Performance Reports

Qwest provides state specific 271 performance reports on a monthly basis in PID format. Qwest Wholesale Performance Results Reports are provided in support of meeting the terms of Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Qwest's Performance Assurance Plan ("QPAP")

Qwest's Performance Assurance Plan (QPAP), also referred to as the Performance Assurance Plan (PAP), is a method to assure CLECs and regulatory bodies of Qwest's commitments to performance in key areas as determined by the Performance Measurements (PIDs). It has been prepared in conjunction with Qwest's application for approval under Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the "Act") to offer in-region long distance service. QPAP (Fourth Amended Exhibit K, November 30, 2004)

Qwest is in conformance with parity standards when the service Qwest provides to CLECs is at parity to that which the company provides to its own retail end-users. Parity standards, based on statistical scoring, compares Qwest's performance provided to CLECs with Qwest's performance provided to it's retail end-users. For performance measurements that do not have Qwest retail comparatives, then non-statistical benchmark standards are used.

Qwest's Statement of Generally Available Terms and Conditions ("SGAT")

Qwest's Statements of Generally Available Terms and Conditions for Interconnection, Unbundled Network Elements, Ancillary Services and Resale of Telecommunications Services, as filed with the Utah Public Service Commissions (Qwest Utah SGAT Seventh Revision, November 30, 2004).

Multi-State QPAP Audit

The QPAP requires that periodic audits of Qwest performance measures be conducted, and the Regional Oversight Committee ("ROC") has approved a resolution for a multi-state collaborative QPAP audit. The Division, in conjunction with other state staff members, is in the process of working to hire an independent auditor. (Request for auditor) .

QPAP Aggregate Payment Reports

This page contains QPAP Payment Reports and reflects payment information based on Performance Results in accordance with the provisions of the QPAP and associated reporting requirements. (September Payment Report).

Long-Term Post-Entry Administration ("LTPA")

The Division works as part of a multi-state collaborative consisting of state commission staffs, Qwest, and participating competitive local exchange carriers to develop, audit, and monitor wholesale performance results and performance indicator definitions ("PIDs) as part of Qwest's post-entry performance plan, also called long-term PID administration ("LTPA"). Qwest currently has posted, on the company's web site a link for requests to modify PIDs: http://www.qwest.com/wholesale/results/index.html